Thursday, March 24, 2011

Burton Dassett 2011

The White House telephone 01295 770143 B&B at Burton Dassett 4 rooms available 25th & 26th June £30 each double rooms. This has very nice web site and house pictures in the heart of Burton Dassett hills.

Check out the website

I have 2,500 Ft clearance throughout the year for you to come any weekend you wish. Please let me know.

From Leicester take the M69 South ? A45 Coventry Ring Road > Exit left for A423 towards Princethorpe then join the Fosse left towards Banbury..

As per last years details


Sunday, October 03, 2010

Ragley Hall Exclusive

This marquee was used as the 11 o clock meeting point on 19th September, 2010 at Ragley Hall. There was a strong wind of 20mph plus, which limited the range of kites that could be used. This venue, for 2011 with better conditions will be fantastic for anyone interested in Single Line or Stunt Kite flying. Also available, is assistance for young children to fly kites in a safe manner. The kites on this website will be used in demonstrations in 2011 at Ragley Hall accompanied by PA System playing jazz music and advice on general kite flying.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Countryside Kite Fliers converted winch

Countryside Kite Fliers converted winch now driven by hydraulic motor.The red hydraulic oil tank is visible in the picture below (left) and is fully guarded for public safety. A public works netlon safety fencing is used to keep general public away at a safe distance. We are still able to demonstarte and perform at kite exhibitons at the same time.


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Directions to Burton Dassett

If you are travelling from Peterborough to Burton Dassett Hills, here is the best way to avoid an M40 Traffic Jam. There are far more service stations on this route too.

Driving directions to Burton Dassett

1. A605 out of Peterborough towards the A45 of Northampton
2. AT J15 connect to M1 North.
3. Leave the M1 at J17.
4. Pickup the M45 West until the B4453 at the Princethorpe service station.
5. Cross over Southam Road at the zigzag crossroads and take the Fosse Way.
6. Go over next set of cross roads until you get to a roundabaout
7. At the next roundabout take a left towards Banbury
8. Go past Aston Martin, for about two miles, and Burton Dassett is on the left hand side, with a pork pie shaped building on the hill.
9. Take a left opposite Kineton Barracks.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Burton Dassett Hill Fly in details

Postcode for Burton Dassett hills is CV47 2AB. Look forward to seeing you. Any GOKF and/or MKF members are welcome to contact for a fly in and altitude sprint competitions, etc. Parking fee is £1.50 on your arrival. Look for A3 size Poster on notice board to locate me.
Also you can e-mail me at Phone 07890348762 and 01926497551


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kite Events Extravaganza!

Countryside Kite Fliers
Tel: 01926 497551
Mob: 07890 348762

Dear Sir or Madam,

I can provide for you a kite flying exhibition and demonstration up to various altitudes. This will involve use of a PA system to talk about the different aspects of certain kites. I possess various kites up to 20 foot wingspan. Also available is appropriate background music to accompany the exhibition and competitions. We are polite to achieve a fantastic day.

We are able to allow any clubs or venues to make use of our equipment for their own competitions, which would include altitude sprints. Weather conditions will affect the kites being demonstrated.

I am also Public Liability Insured (up to 5 million) by the British Model Flying Association. I possess a PPL License. We are aware that most clubs have their own Public Liability Insurance – I can acquire Civil Aviation clearance to allow for thermal activity with care and attention for safety at all times.

I look forward to your e-mails

Yours Sincerely,

Stevie CD

Contact me for a state of the art performance.


Friday, October 16, 2009

14 Foot Delta

14 foot delta built by Paul Morgan, currently being trimmed.

New Pictures from Ferry Meadows

Premier 36 Power Sled, from EMKAY Kites. These carry a GPS Device (An eTrek Summit). This gives a reading of altitude and flight behaviour and print off from Laptop...

The Jupiter reel contains 10,000 feet of 440 lb breaking strain extreme yellow and 6,700 feet of 350 lb extreme yellow.
Ideal for Power Sleds and the 20 foot Delta